Why Do World Leaders Include So Many Clowns?

NapHairIt’s strange enough that Americans elected funny-looking Donald Trump. Now, Great Britain has voted in Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister. He’s a living, ranting yellow-wigged doppelgänger of Trump. Even funnier looking than those national bosses is Kim Jong-Un. His shaved sidewall hair-do is just as idiotic as the fluffy yellow wigs.

There’s nothing new about that today’s historical, hysterical hair tradition. Go back to when little combed-over Napoleon ruled France as he strutted around with his hand groping personal parts under his funny uniform. And the worst of the silly leaders was most evident during World War 2, when there were wiggy Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. That was a trio of scary dictators more goofy looking than the Three Stooges.

Fortunately, we may enjoy a year or so of natural tresses among world leaders. At least until hair-brained Bernie Sanders and other eager Democrat wanna-be 2020 candidates emerge from barber or beauty shops.

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