Inflated Pro Football Celebrates 100th Year

Knute Rockne In Football UniformIt all started in 1920, when players were paid between $100 and $300 per game. Jim Thorpe, the most famous of that era, earned a sky-high $250 a game as the star of the Canton Bulldogs in Ohio.

Jump forward a century when the average pay this year is $660,000. That’s for spending less than six months of practice, ending with just several hours of actual performing in stadiums. Of course, the pro jocks don’t keep all that moolah. They must pay out large bucks for taxes, agents, Lamborghinis, hookers, booze and drugs.

Along with grossly inflated salaries, ticket prices have risen a bit more than the 50-cent bleacher prices. This season the average ticket will cost $200. And food and parking will add another $100. Is it worth it?

Why go through all the expensive trouble of attending live to view the action from a far-away stadium seat next to and behind screaming, sloppy drunks? You can watch it all for free and close-up at home on a big TV. Meanwhile, eat and drink cheap stuff, with a clean toilet just a few steps away.

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