Scientists Reverse Aging In Rats By Planting Youth Cells

RatCan they do it eventually with humans? Using the positive results with rats, replacing old people brain cells with young ones could add fun activities in our advanced years. Consider some examples.

Can you imagine the great benefits of such medical breakthroughs if they happened today? The elderly Bernie Sanders 77, Nancy Pelosi 79, and Joe Biden 76, could actually make sense while trying to enhance old age while having youthful fun romping in Washington DC.

British Queen Elizabeth, 93, and Prince Philip, 98. could splash together at a French nude beach. Would rat brains help Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas 71, Stephen Breyer 81 and Ruth Bader Ginsburg 86 make sage decisions? And I, age 94, could use some rodent-brained help. I’d welcome a sudden youthful urge to eat cheese and chase cats.

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