Do You Believe Scientists Will Be Able to Reverse Aging?

MosesAccording to the Bible, Methuselah lived 969 years, Noah 950, Adam 930, Shem 600, Abraham 175, his wife Sarah, 127, and Moses 120. By the way, fruitful Sarah had her last child when she was a mere 90.

Do I believe those unbelievable tales? Along with it, every decade or so, there’s startling news that savvy lab guys somewhere are working on a method or medical life-extending miracle. They believe it will soon extend life way beyond today’s three score years and ten.

Speaking of religion and lifespan, let’s go back to more recent personal history. My dad died when I was four, and I spent the next dozen years in a very Christian orphanage. We had chapel services every morning and twice on Sundays. We were taught that every word in the Good Book was the absolute truth, including those Biblical figures who lived hundreds of years.

Then very soon from age 18, I was introduced to the real world during nearly three World War II years in the U.S. Navy. I came to realize the Bible had been written and rewritten for centuries by people just as brainwashed or more so than I.

Therefore, I always take the news of scientific miracles based on Biblical stories with skepticism. Excuse 94-year-old me, but I have to leave now for my lab appointment to take my life-extending, expensive miracle anti-aging meds.

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