Larry King, 85, Files For Divorce From Wife #8

HenryVIIITrumpThis may be surprising for a guy who made his living giving out advice, including marital savvy, on TV for many decades. Hey, Larry, another King, England’s Henry VIII, was only wed six times. And despite your noble efforts, you aren’t top guy on the busted marriage list numbers.

Other celebrities have done as well or worse in dumping mates. For example, consider marriage numbers of those who beat, matched or came close to Larry’s record. There are Zsa Gabor 9, Liz Taylor 8, Mickey Rooney 8, Lana Turner 8, Richard Pryor 7, Hedy Lamarr 6 and Boris Karloff 6.

Divorce underachiever Donald Trump has only been married three times … so far. Therefore, Larry King, at a youthful age of four score years and five, may still once more seek to swing his bat for the 9th inning at the old ball game.

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