WW2 Started 80 Years Ago Today And More Wars Since

NYTwarJust past my 14th birthday, the news hit all the papers. The insane German dictator with the little mustache just invaded Poland. Next day, England and France declared war on Germany and the infamous WW2 was on.

That didn’t concern this high school sophomore. History classes taught me that wars in Europe were a regular happening for thousands of years. Way back the Romans invaded France, France invaded England, Germany invaded France, And so on, about every 20 years, some king, general, emperor or holy guy led his forces into battle.

However, while everyone in Europe was killing each other eight decades ago, it eventually happened to me. Then, just two years later, the Japanese decided sneak in and murder Americans at Pearl Harbor. I was 16, and because I was a good student was given a free college freshman year. Then, just before my 18th birthday, I joined the Navy.

Considering the idiotic human habit to continue killing each other, not much has changed since that September day in 1939. Today’s leaders are a bit less stupid looking than Adolf. On second thought, considering the three haircut freaks bossing the US, UK and North Korea today, they’d make earlier dictators proud.


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