Dem Candidates’ Whizzes Block Out TV Quizzes!

LongHueyGotta admit it, those ten political wanna-be presidents were entitled to make their pitches Thursday night on the tube. But gee whiz, but did they have to do it during the holiest of holy video hours when this ancient fan always watches his faves?

For the past 40, 60 or more years, I’ve religiously tuned into Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune nightly at 7 pm. And, of course, won millions of imaginary dollars. Suddenly at sundown Thursday, instead of the usual line-up of eager quiz contestants on stage, I was confronted by Bernie, Joe, Amy, Kamala, Beto and other politicans lined up in verbal battle formation.

At first, I thought they were trying to win some money from TV hosts Alex or Pat. Then, after being exposed to a fervent political speech or two, I realized they were trying to win some donation dough from ME!

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