Rich Always Paid Big $$$ To Get Kids Into College

GradWealthy actress Felicity Huffman got 14 days in jail and a big fine for paying $15,000 to rig her daughter’s SAT scores. Why this sudden surge of honesty in a racket that has been practiced openly for eons?

Do you think kids of rich parents have ever been denied entry into colleges after their parents paid up millions to support campus building projects, dedicating a library or establishing a new department. Or secret money bribes to college officials? Does anyone believe the Kennedy boys got into Harvard on intellectual merit after their daddy donated millions from the illegal money he made during Prohibition?

The same applies to many other rich kids with family names including Bush, Busch, Rockefeller, Roosevelt, Newhouse, Hearst, DuPont and others. Along with Harvard, the offspring were welcomed by Yale, Stanford and other high-fallutin’ colleges. And, of course, how did young Donnie Trump get admitted into the prestigious University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business?

Consider a slightly different, but just as phony education practice of granting big money scholarships, lodging and other goodies to high school football and basketball jocks. Do any of them earn their free higher education for academic achievement? How many actually attend class during their years as alleged students?
Further, there are now advocates for openly paying college athletes for their efforts on the field and basketball court. Do you think now that the courts have nailed Felicity, honesty will finally enter those hallowed halls of ivy?

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