Smoking And Vaping Are Inevitable Stupid Suicide

ApeSmokLgHey, you makers of cigarettes, vapes, booze, drugs, guns and other fatal products. Also politicians and generals who start wars. I understand you must earn income to pay for your own housing, food, hookers and other financial necessities.

But don’t cloak your greed in fake legitimacy by claiming in sales pitches that your goods and services are legitimate, enjoyable and/or politically correct. Fess up. In one way or more, your industries kill people.

Recent news reported that late actor Patrick Swayze smoked three packs of cigarettes day. He died of cancer at age 57. Typically, I sadly remember many friends and family addicted to nicotine who also died in their 40s and 50s. It’s an undeniable medical fact. Smoking a pack or more daily, along with the pain and medical costs of cancer, is certain to take 20 or more years from the normal lifespan of 70.

No intelligent person can claim to enjoy putting a paper wrapped or plastic stick in your mouth and sucking poisonous smoke into your throat and lungs. It’s not pleasure. It’s addiction. So if you enjoy that dubious habit, go ahead and puff away your shortened life. Just don’t stink up the air anywhere near my family nor me.

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