Job Discrimination: There Should Be Absolutely None

DogRedNo matter what their sexual orientation, no qualified job applicants should be turned down. All current Supreme Court fuss should not be necessary. It reminds me of a situation I faced about 50 years ago.

I managed a large company’s regional advertising department. There was a job opening for an ad writer. After interviewing a dozen applicants, I chose a bright young guy with the most impressive background and samples of creative work. When I offered him the job, he hesitated and told me he was gay.

In those very prejudiced days, that could cause immediate refusal to hire him. However, I did, and he created very impressive work in my staff for four years. Then he was promoted to company HQ, and went on to executive rank.

Conclusion: No discrimination for sexual orientation. Hiring should be based entirely on education, qualifications and previous experience. Incidentally, speaking of being fired for illegal sex, how about Bill Clinton and those Hollywood casting couch producers?

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