Clint Curses Often In Movie 1993 “The Line Of Fire”

ChaplinCursAbout a Secret Service agent who takes a bullet for a President, it’s now shown on TV with frequent f words and other explicit cursing. When I first saw the Eastwood film in 1993, those words weren’t there. Same when other earlier films, such as the Godfather series, are showing on TV now. They’re full of £∞§¨¥†ø˙ƒs.

We can guess that way back 30 or more years ago, savvy producers made two versions of their films, one with no cursing for then-current markets and filthy ones for the future. Until that time, the very strict Motion Picture Production Code of 1927 was still in effect. Now, day and night, you and young children can see and hear loud, obnoxious language on almost all new and old movies in theaters and cable TV programs.

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