What The Hell Happened To My Flag-Waving Patriotism?

FlagUSAs you go into advanced old age, you’re supposed to get more full of unquestioned love for flag and country. And hate all grossly-overpaid athletes who kneel during the National Anthem. However, I now find myself questioning the entire patriotism indoctrination.

Let’s go way back to examine how my brain got this way. I spent ten years in an orphanage, graduating at age 16 a few months after the Japanese 12/7/41 attack on Pearl Harbor. My 19-year-old brother, also a grad of the orphanage, was at the Army Recruiting Station the next morning to sign up. I joined the Navy the next year.

Of course, the Japanese were sneaky murderous bastards for the attack. And because we had been brainwashed in patriotism our entire lives, my brother and I knew our duty was to join in on the fight. And with the knowledge that we’d possibly not survive the war. We survived.

I attended college after WW2, then as a Navy Reservist was called up in 1951 for active duty in the Korean War. The entire patriotism routine had changed in just five years. Our former deadly Japanese and German enemies had become our good buddies, and welcomed our troops and billions of American dollars during the new war. China and Russia, our WW2 pals, were now our enemies. Same in our no-win campaigns later in Vietnam, and continuing endlessly today in other areas.

Conclusion: Flag-waving patriotism is very inspiring. However, wars are always being threatened or fought somewhere in the world. And with advancing nuclear weapons, this old patriot believes the idiotic, so-called human race is determined to destroy itself.

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