TV Commercials: Battle Of Lawyers Vs Miracle Drugmakers

CartoonLgWe should have seen it coming. While being bombarded by endless repeats of obnoxious TV ads over the years, their most bothersome contents have now become a war of lawsuits and money-grabbing.

On one side are the miracle medications, with unrecognizable names containing mixes of X, Y and Zs. For a fictional example, something that heals hernias, liver cancer and chapped elbows named Xzyaoguke. The ads promise that if you buy and smear on the stuff, you’ll soon be as healthy as a pro football star who kneels during the National Anthem.

That kind of medical ad was once the norm, and the product consumed by millions of viewers without problems. Then, starting fairly recently, came the TV ambulance chasers. Their ads proclaim that if you used Xzyaoguke for several months and had a bad reaction, such as scratching yourself to death, you are entitled to millions of dollars in compensation. Of course, if you or your sad survivors win all that dough, the greedy lawyers get at least half of it.

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