Justice Ginsburg: When Does Old Become Too Damn Old?

GinsbergRuth Bader Ginsburg was appointed to the Supreme Court at age 60 in 1993. Now 86, she’s back on the job this week after being released from the hospital. In recent years, the senior justice has has had at least five serious illnesses, including lung cancer.

The question in the air today may be: why didn’t she retire a decade ago when she was a youthful, healthy 76? Seriously, most people retire at age 65, when physical and mental health begin their natural recline. Of course, it doesn’t apply in politics, where Donald Trump will try for a second term at age 74, and Bernie Sanders campaigning at a weathered 79.

For many years, I volunteered in nursing homes, where the average age was about 80. Most of the residents were in various stages of senility, and certainly wouldn’t have been able to serve in government nor any other responsible job. Let’s hope Justice Ginsberg decides to retire, and none of the candidates in the 2020 Presidential elections will be eligible for Social Security.

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