Put That Bird-Killing Cat On A Leash?

CatLeashLgA generation or so ago, family cat, Mems, took our kids to the school bus each morning, and waited to escort them home in the afternoon. Even tho he sometimes brought home a dead sparrow or mouse, we never considered putting him on a leash.

Recently scientists wrote in Oxford’s Journal of Environmental Law that free-ranging domestic cats “impact biodiversity through predation, disturbance, competition, disease and hybridization,”. Also added that “the predatory impact is more intense than often assumed.” They believe stronger laws could effectively force owners to keep cats indoors or on a leash outdoors.

In my humble opinion, domestic pet cats will not slaughter beloved sparrows, robins nor humming birds if they are adequately fed cat food at home. Our current fat family cat, Sylvester, heartily agrees.

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