Crooked TV Advertisers Boast About Their Honesty

GirlSellAltho you may think it impossible at this festive time of the year, but ever-repeated TV and online ads get more obnoxiously intrusive daily. For example, law firms that want you to sue bad guy pill makers so that the crooked lawyers can get richer. Those miracle medicines offered by pretty spokesladies that promise to cure you of everything from bellyaches to bedwetting to baldness, but actually may kill you.

And maybe the most obvious crooks are the companies that offer great deals for $999.99, fearing you wouldn’t buy their junk if it were priced a penny more at $1,000. And the cable TV network with the name similar to rectum boasts of its honesty, while peddling its on-air programs for $99.99 a month. And, of course, those wonderful gas station prices per gallon listed at $4.99.9 that are the epitome of oil cartel thievery.

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