Pope Urges Retirees To Volunteer For Their Own Health

PopeFLgHoliday time means celebrations, fancy foods, decorated trees and heavy spending on family gifts. Unfortunately, it also means continued poverty for the homeless and others in need. As a fortunate senior, are you willing to help unfortunate people while celebrating this festive season? If you do, consider how volunteering can also help you.

Pope Francis recently declared that older people “should not be considered as a burden, but for what they really are, that is, a resource and a wealth. They are the memory of a people!” He told the Italian National Association of Senior Workers meeting in the Vatican that healthy elderly people can offer a few hours of their time to care for people in need, thus enriching themselves.

He added, “Volunteering is an experience that is good for both those who receive it and those who do it.” The pontiff also proposed that being busy, or “active aging,” helps keep the mind fresh while staving off loneliness.“ With that papal advice, enrich your holiday time and health by volunteering to help those less fortunate than you.

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