Old Guy Opinion: Wars Are Stupidly, Uselessly Murderous

TCPOlg.jpgBritish writer Simon Tisdall calls the continuing, two-decade long Middle East and Afghan ventures a waste of military and civilian lives and billions in national assets. From experience, I can add personal views to that conclusion, and truly feel that other U.S. wars were just as inhumanly idiotic and expensive.

I was 16 when the Japanese sneak attack murdered more than 3,000 Americans, mostly Navy guys, at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Full of patriotism, I could hardly wait to join the Navy on my 17th birthday. I did, and experienced the South Pacific and Philippine Liberation campaigns.

WW2 ended in 1945 after we victors had just murdered hundreds of thousands of German and Japanese women and children in the final war months with heavy city air bombings. And finally in Japan with atomic bombs. Lucky me survived the war and went to college free on the GI Bill of Rights.

I stayed in the Naval Reserve Weekend Warriors while a college student to earn rent and food money. Just before my senior year in 1950, the Korean War started. A year later, I received an unwelcome college graduation gift from Uncle Sam. My Naval Reserve Carrier Air Group was activated, and I was off to another war.

One glaring and incomprehensible fact is that the Korean War started only five short years after WW2 ended. What was most idiotic about it was that former evil enemies Japan and Germany were now our good buddies, They gladly made billions selling us facilities, equipment, weapons, hookers and other goodies.

Meanwhile former WW2 pals China and Russia were now the bad guys. They supported and supplied enemy North Korea with “volunteer” troops, war equipment, aircraft and other means to kill Americans.

The current, unending Middle East mess reveals similar US idiocy that had prolonged the Korean and Vietnam wars. Philosopher Santayana was so right when he wrote, ’Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/dec/14/afghanistan-papers-political-self-delusion-public-indifference

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