Welcome To New, Challenging Roaring 20s

Woman20sLgNot many of us who remember the 1920s are still around today. Back then it was a decade of new happenings. By the end of 1929, prosperity had brought millions of family cars (my mom called them machines), radios, phones and talking movies. Popular music produced the flappers, vital young women who found new independence from old-fashioned restrictions.

Then came the depression disaster. The stock market crashed, companies went out of business, mass unemployment evolved into homelessness, and long bread lines formed on the streets. Worst of all for my family, our 34-year-old father died. Medical costs during his fatal illness had put us on welfare. Then, in the early 1930s my mom had to place my nine-year-old brother and six-year-old me in an orphanage, where we lived for the next decade.

So, considering how the original Roaring 20s ended so disastrously, let’s wish that these new 20s will be considerably more positive and prosperous for today’s families. Maybe, to be hopeful, we should call them the Soaring 20s.

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