Wanna Watch The News? First Ya Gotta Endure ƒª§∆∂π Ads!

srcartoonripofflgIs it just impatient old me? Whenever I go online to seek a news item, first I must endure several painful minutes of unwanted, obnoxious, too often repeated commercials.

For instance, I see a news headline onscreen about bad weather predicted for my area, and I need more details so I can plan when to get out on the road or to the airport. When I click to get some urgent update, instead I’ m forced to endure several minutes of commercials about miracle drugs, bodily functions, overpriced gas guzzlers and crooked (is there any other kind?) lawyers.

Hey, you ever-repulsive online peddlers, you’re even more of a pain in the eyes, ears and butts than those endlessly repeated TV commercials!

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