Is Bernie Just Too Damned Old To Be President?

MethusHe seems to be gaining in popularity daily, but we continue to ask the question. As seen by a 94-year-old skeptic, aren’t all the current top presidential runners this year more than a bit long-in-the-tooth? Sanders is 79, Trump 74, Biden 78, Warren 71, and Bloomberg 78.

Do we recall that Reagan, the oldest President ever to serve, was 78 and certifiably senile during the year before he left the White House in 1989? But the old guys keep reassuring the voters that they are physically and mentally qualified to lead the nation.

Sanders waved letters at the tv cameras from three doctors after his heart attack in October. They say the senior Democratic candidate appears perfectly capable of tackling the demands of the Oval Office. Hey, capably qualified, mentally-competent senior voters, what do you say?

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