Unmerry Olde England: Harry & Meghan Vs Liz II & Phil

Windsor Castle in modern time; Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and Victoria, Princess Royal, 1840-43 (oil on canvas)With all the wars, terror and troubles of the world, it seems the media and everyone else is more bothered by the royal crisis in Blimey. The prince and his spouse want to abandon his princely duties in England and move across the briny to live privately in Canada. Rumors are that the ex-princess wants to resume her modeling and acting career.

This has been a problem for several years. It all started when Harry came to his Mum and informed her he planned to marry. The blushing bride wasn’t a pure royal princess living in an English castle. Meghan Markle was a divorced half-Jewish, half-African American clothing model living in Noo Yawk. Can you imagine how Queen Liz took the surprising news?

So, keep zealously reading the latest news to find out if the prince, princess and baby Archie go to the bright New World or a dark cell in the Tower of London.

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