Planter’s Shells Out Mascot: Mr. Peanut Is Dead!

BratCryThe famed image in top hat and monocle was killed off at the tender age of 204. No more will he proudly promote his product in ads. My childhood memory of the tasty snack goes back to the 1930s when Woolworth’s 5 & 10 cent stores sold them for 10¢ a pound.

My weekly allowance then was 10¢, and I had to make the peanuts last seven days, while hiding them from other kids. A small bag was 25¢ at Philly’s Shibe Park when I sat in the bleachers. They now cost a couple of bucks a pound, and there’s no more Woolworth’s. So, how did Mr. Peanut die? Was he roasted?

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