Getting Scalped At A Remote Desert Indian Casino

BrooksIndianNow widower and in a senior facility (i.e. nursing home), this 94-year-old scribbler recently took a tour bus trip to a casino. Not your usual Las Vegas or Reno city facility where gambling is part of the culture. It was to one of the so-called Native American casinos.

We eager senior bus riders had to endure nearly two hours of uncomfy highway bumps each way to the lone desert-located gambling joint 80 miles from Los Angeles. When we arrived on a weekday, instead of a few gamblers, coyotes and cacti, we found the casino mobbed.

Though the place is modern and clean, we could hardly make our way around the people-jammed floors. Worse, line-ups to dining and buffet facilities were very long and slow to move. In addition to the many bus tour gambler visitors, hundreds of people from local towns obviously show up daily to enjoy the cheap buffet dining.

OK, no long lecture about wasting your hard-earned retirement and Social Security checks on the no-win casino machines and table games. If you do go, whether to Las Vegas or an Indian casino, the odds are heavily stacked against your winning. Surprise: They’re not charitable institutions.

However, if it’s fun, go and enjoy giving money to those hard-working casino employees and their ever-thankful Native American bosses. It’s much more satisfying than donating it to greedy crooked candidates using your money to replace a greedy president and other crooked politicians.

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