Today Is First Palendrome In More Than 900 Years

ReaganFootballHey, in addition to super rich jocks jumping around in the Super Bowl and a little critter looking for its shadow, today is a palindrome. The numbers read the same when read forwards and backwards: 02/02/2020, beginning at 02:02:20 a.m on 02/02/2020. The latest palindrome happened 909 years ago on 11/11/1111. The next will be on 12/12/2121, so don’t bother putting it on your to-do calendar.

Some math brains also declare it to be a palindrome of the year, day 33, with palindrome number of days left in the year, 333. Also, if you plan to travel from the closest airdrome on this palindrome date, the worldwide virus epidemic may force you to stay at home with the doldrums.

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