Are Customers Aware Of Never-Ending 99¢ Rip-Offs?

PigmaskIt’s a deceptive business practice that keeps showing up from gas station pumps to tv ads to store windows. Obviously, merchants and other money-grabbing biz brains continue to use the same old phony tactics to lure people into buying their stuff at non-existing bargain prices.

Worst, of course, are the gas station signs that offer their already way-overpriced polluting liquid for a silly listed $3.99.99 a gallon. Wow, what a bargain of not charging an inflated entire $4 a gallon for the smelly stuff! And consider a TV cable service with the name that rhymes with rectum that offers monthly prices from $44.99, $69.99 and $89.99.

And, of course, visit your friendly neighborhood grocery story that sells fantastic penny-saving, pig-butt busting bargains you just can’t resist.

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