After 54 Years Of Marriage, My Beloved Wife Is Gone

MWhiteRosLgIt has been several days since it happened, and just now I can begin to put my grief into words. The photo I took just a few days before her fatal stroke shows what a sweet, beautiful person she was. While I struggle through mourning, I’ll try to turn some of my sorrow into positive words.

First, of course, we all must face the inevitable. From the creepiest old centenarian to the newborn infant, we all will die eventually. Therefore, the cliché applies. Live your life as if every day will be your last, because one day it will happen. To postpone the end for as long as possible, obey the laws, both legal and natural. Love and respect people, especially your family and friends.

Practice good health with sensible eating, daily physical exercise and positive mental stimulation. Avoid danger whenever possible, although most of us ignore it at some times in our lives with questionable choices. They include smoking, drinking, fast driving and other attractive, but too often, deadly actions. Be happy with your life, and I’ll do my best to find comfort again in honor and fond memory of my beloved wife.

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