Opinion: Oscar Winners, Expected & Unexpected

ScarlettMammyMany decades ago, your then-teen 90isthenewblack.com editor cheered when “Gone With The Wind” took all the Academy Awards for the 1939 classic. And memories go many years following when Bob Hope was often MC. Watching the 2020 broadcast reminds me that things today are different.

First, before the program, the parade of colorful costumes this year would freak out classic stylists Bette Davis, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Carole Lombard and the rest of the long-ago, conservatively-clad celebrities. Several of the hostesses at the 2020 Oscars who dressed as flashy females may have been of another gender persuasion.

For the first time ever for a foreign film, the South Korean “Parasite” won best pic Oscar. The director’s acceptance speech had to be on-site translated into English. I served in the Navy way back during WW2 and the Korean War, and am almost positive he actually cursed me out personally for messing with his country.

Renee Zellweger won best actress for playing Judy Garland in “Judy”. I guess she deserved it for holding that painfully squeezy facial expression throughout the movie. Similarly, Joaquin Phoenix won for “Joker”, which also required a puckered face, plus heavy clown make-up.

The British World War I film, “1917”, won three tech Oscars, but not the expected Best Pic. I actually tried to watch the combat epic, but after enduring the first 30 minutes showing only two guys running along a trench, I gave up and fell asleep. My fave war movie of all time is “Paths of Glory”, starring the late, great Kirk Douglas.

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