Why Do Drugs Advertised On TV Have Such XYZ Names?

CartoonLgHere are just a few that the drug peddlers ram into our eyes and ears, and then promise miracle cures for all our ailments. How about Moxifloxacin, Domperidone, Anakinra, Scopolamine, Rimonadant, Xanax, Xiaflex, Uroxatral, Xtandi, Xeljanz, Zoloft and Ziprasidone.

After seeing those same obnoxious snake oil drug ads repeated hundreds of times, we’re supposed to rush out to the nearest pharmacy to buy the grossly overpriced junk. And, of course, heal our feeble, aging bodies. Not I! All I need is some axpirinsz pyllz for my headachezs caused by TV drug addzs.

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