Hey, Smoker: You Stink At Every Possible Time And Place!

ApeSmokLgWhether it’s huff, puff, vape or hacking cough, your nicotine addiction is obnoxiously offensive to anyone unfortunate enough to be near you! Even when not actually blowing the smelly smoke into the air, your breath, hair, skin and clothing give out a permanent reek of the poisonous odors.

Airplane, bus, small room, elevator, train and anywhere else you are, you foul up the air. Of course, you’ve made many pledges to quit. If there’s your young family who must endure your habit daily, maybe they’ve almost succeeded in helping cure your addiction. So consider another benefit.

A cigarette pack costs $8, and if you smoke one daily, totals about $3,000 a year. Think of what you and loved ones could do with that money. Cruise, luxury resort week, Las Vegas play\buffet. Also, as a final benefit, by giving up nicotine addiction, realize that regular smokers live an average of 13 years less than non-smokers. Consider all the fun you can have with the extra time among loving family and friends!

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