Japanese Americans: CA Says Sorry After Nearly 80 Years

I was 15 when Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan, and as with most Americans, my resulting anger immediately hated Americans of Japanese descent. The U.S. entered World War II after Japanese aircraft bombed the Navy base in Hawaii in 1941, killing more than 3,oo0 sailors.

Because the U.S. government feared some Japanese-Americans would help Japan with sabotage, almost immediately 120,000 Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps. They were locked up thru the war years, and it took eight decades for the California Assembly to apologize. The regret was for imprisoning Japanese-Americans and helping the U.S. government send them to internment camps.

Adding to the regret today is that although those nations were also our enemies at the time, there was no internment during World War 2 of German nor Italian Americans. Also, despite the fact that as an older teenager, I served in the Navy during WW2 in the Pacific campaigns, my feelings for Japanese-Americans is now one of respect for their rights as U.S. citizens.Jap

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