How To Avoid Coronavirus From Infecting You

sneezLgToday’s panic about the coronavirus spread is a reminder of the historic flu epidemic of 1918. That disaster may have killed as many as 20 million worldwide, including 675,000 Americans. Fortunately, today’s advanced medicines may eventually help control it from epidemic size. So far, the current disease hasn’t spiked anywhere near those early 20th Century figures. Unfortunately, the panic is very similar.

With continuing spread of coronavirus and no vaccine yet, how can you prevent catching the disease? The US National Institutes of Health is supposed to be working on a cure, but it could be years before it’s all tested and medication generally available.

First, stay away from obviously sick, coughing and sneezing people. Cut back on events and trips that involve being in crowds. Carry an alcohol-based spray and disinfect items you need to touch. Don’t rub your eyes, nose and mouth unless your hands are just washed with soap. And if you feel the symptoms beginning to hit you, get immediate help from a medical pro.

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