Men, Eat More Greens To Keep Power In Your Jeans!

Couple1930sA new study suggests that our society’s junk-food-filled diet is causing sperm counts in men to decrease dramatically. A JAMA Network Open medical study reports a “Western” diet of processed, foods, pizza and red meats was resulting in lower sperm quality.

It suggested a healthier diet with more greet vegetables and fruit was linked to more potent sperm. The study also says that semen quality has decreased substantially over the last dozen decades. Further results of more than 185 other studies showed that total sperm count has declined by 50 to 60 percent from 1973 to 2011 in Western countries.

Therefore, guys, if you’re still in your baby-producing state of health and mind, cut back on the fast foods and eat more slow spinach and salads.

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