You’ll Know Your Elderly Mind Is Slipping…..

Alz2Ll;g_edited-1Altho the warning is right there in front of him, the guy my wandering camera caught on the bench seems a bit too young to start worrying about senility. According to medical experts, typical symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease hit between age 70 and 75. They include confusion, loss of memory, slurred speech and uncontrolled bodily functions.

Anyone wonder about advanced age affecting the minds of current Presidential candidates? Bernie Sanders is the oldest at 79. The other elderly runners have included Liz Warren 70, Michael Bloomberg 77, Donald Trump 75 and Joe Biden 76.

So far, still running are Bernie, Joe and the Donald. When Ronald Reagan left the White House in 1989 he was 77 and already senile. What about today’s age- and brain-challenged candidates?

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