Q: How Can I Avoid Going Nuts Because Of Coronavirus?

RunBeerEvery day the news gets more frightening, and as a resident of a senior community, I fear everything is falling apart. I’m worried about my extended family, pension, finances and heath. What do you advise? TRMcD, Newark NJ

A: Since you can’t do anything about the international insanity, keep mind and body working. Even if it’s just squats in your bedroom, or shaking your body parts like you’re warming up for basketball practice. Exercise will help get the worries out of your system and ease the panic.

Anything that will give you physical and emotional boosts can help. Talk to family members on your smartphone. Cook yourself something nice, have a hot bath, or listen to songs you enjoy. Old movies and  TV shows may help. Remember that your anxious state isn’t permanent. And some day soon, we hope, the virus will go away.

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