I’m 94! Coronavirus Stay The Hell Away From My Door!

MaskI’m existing in a senior facility (old age home), surrounded by coughing, sneezing, masked geezers, and the evil bug could hit me at any time. So, what can I do about it, other than sing “If I had the wings of an angel, over these prison walls I would fly…”

Determined to work through this pandemic, I’ll explain my routine while hoping other trapped oldsters will do the same. First, of course, is cleanliness. Except for washing it, don’t touch your face and wear a medical mask. Shower daily, and especially when out of the house, soap and wash hands frequently, after using public bathrooms and touching exposed metal and wood surfaces. And by the way, don’t touch people, and stay six feet away.

As a potentially brain and body befogged senior, it’s critical that you exercise both mentally and physically whenever possible. I hike for at least 30 minutes twice daily. Because actual tourist travel is so restricted now, I do it virtually with TV, videos and books. I no longer hug and kiss beloved family and friends, and wear a mask while keeping that recommended distance until the all-clear sounds.

So, follow my suggestions, and above all, keep a positive attitude that this corny coronavirus pandemic will eventually subside into nutty normalcy again very soon.

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