Ted Sherman: 1925-2020


I’m Ted’s daughter, Beth, writing today with the sad news that my dad passed away over the weekend at the age of 94.

He’d been resistant to moving in with us, but a minor fall at his apartment last week finally convinced him it was time. In hindsight, the fall was likely due to a small stroke.

My dad passed with us, peacefully, in our home, with my brother on FaceTime and a Mel Brooks movie on tv. Not much more you can ask for, especially in these terrible times. I consider us all to be incredibly fortunate.

As many of you know, my mom passed away in January. Mom and Dad were married for over 50 years, and it’s safe to say that her loss was a contributing factor his passing. Her health wasn’t great, and helping me care for her was his main purpose in life. That purpose fulfilled, much of the fight went out of him.

On behalf of my dad and our family, I thank you all profoundly for your readership. From the moment I set this up for for him, Dad was incredibly dedicated to his daily postings. He loved having a creative outlet again and always got a kick out of hearing from readers.  Although he liked to assume an “angry old man” persona (his words,) he was anything but. He was funny and kind and far more openminded than you’d expect someone in their ninth decade to be.

Below are a couple photos I took on our final pre-lockdown excursion. We went to the Annenberg Space for Photography here in LA to see an exhibition of Vanity Fair cover photos and then had lunch his favorite Chinese restaurant. (In the second photo he’s watching them make dumplings.)

With love and gratitude,

Beth Sherman


4 thoughts on “Ted Sherman: 1925-2020

  1. Sara Moser

    Oh so do sorry to hear that, but it sounds like he had a “good death” . I always enjoyed reading Ted’s blog. I found him inspiring and will miss him. May you and your family be well during this strange time we are in 🙏.

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  2. patmcf

    I’m sorry for your loss Beth, I have only been following him for a few months but it was a great experience tuning in each day to read what he was commenting about on his blog, some time wise ,sometimes funny but always pleasant !I will miss him, and I trust the rest of your family keep safe what with the terrible time we are all having world wide, and thank you for letting us know, best regards Pat .

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