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Survey Sez New Yawkers Are Baddest Tempered In The USA

BrdwyLgA Business Insider survey claims 34.3 percent of senior travelers who voted believe Big Apple residents are the meanest. The study asked 2,000 adults online to name the rudest city in the country.

The Big Bad Apples finished first by far, with Los Angeles a distant second with 19.7 percent. Next in the nasty cities were Washington, DC, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Buffalo, Baltimore, Philadelphia and San Francisco. The opinion about NYC isn’t new.

When John Adams visited New York in 1774, he wrote in his diary: “With all the opulence and splendor of this city, there is very little good breeding to be found. “I have not seen one real gentleman, one well-bred man, since I came to town,” he griped, according to the New York Times.

Justin Bieber To Have Personal Museum Exhibit

OldTattooThe Stratford Perth Museum, in the Beeb’s hometown of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, now has an exhibition section devoted to the young world-famous singer, including his extensive body tattoos.

What’s next? The Kardashian Family Monument, Bill Cosby Sexhibition, Trump Bone Spurs Statue, Harvey Weinstein Casting Couch, Bill Clinton Presidential Pants. Anthony’s Weiner, Matt Lauer’s Deflower, Woody Allen Daughter Display and Roman Polanski Roamin’ Raper Rotunda.

Scientists Face Stiff Competition From Horny Sheep

SheepA medication that is usually used to combat human erectile dysfunction has other uses. Tadalafil been has been found by University of Manchester scientists to also reverse the symptoms of heart failure in sheep.

The British Heart Foundation also claims five-year survival rates among the animals are better than for most common cancers. Tadalafil is in the same class as Viagra, so if you want your herd of sheep and eager guys to be healthier and happier, be sure they take regular doses of the marvelously magic medication.

Guardian Says Prez Hopeful Pays $150 For Online Praises

CashLgThe British newspaper claims billionaire Mike Bloomberg will give you the bucks if you write nice things about him and post them on Instagram. That isn’t the first time of editorial bribery. Thru the years, many newspaper writers and editors have profited from politicians who paid for them to say positively phony praise words about them.

So, who are online admirers Bloomberg bribe next? Hey I’m a long-retired writer and now have lotsa time to post many favorable words about him. F’rinstance, as election time approaches, if I write 1,000 positive political online essays about Mike, will will he pay me a total of 15,000 bucks?

Q: Widowed, In Mid 80s And Considering Home Care

GymnastOldPhysically and mentally I’m OK, but slowing down a bit day by day. My kids and grandkids live across the country, and soon I may need local help with everyday chores, such as laundry, cleaning, shopping and med appointments. How do I get the services started? MLMcB, Pittsburgh PA

A: First, after consulting with family, tell your concerns to your family doctor. With their help, investigate reliable local home care services, and consider the best choice and most economical for your needs. If you decide to start with minimum help, such as one day per week in-house care, along with some appointments, it could give you a favorable start. Then you’ll feel more confident to continue if and when you’ll need more comprehensive in-home care.

Opinion: Oscar Winners, Expected & Unexpected

ScarlettMammyMany decades ago, your then-teen editor cheered when “Gone With The Wind” took all the Academy Awards for the 1939 classic. And memories go many years following when Bob Hope was often MC. Watching the 2020 broadcast reminds me that things today are different.

First, before the program, the parade of colorful costumes this year would freak out classic stylists Bette Davis, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Carole Lombard and the rest of the long-ago, conservatively-clad celebrities. Several of the hostesses at the 2020 Oscars who dressed as flashy females may have been of another gender persuasion.

For the first time ever for a foreign film, the South Korean “Parasite” won best pic Oscar. The director’s acceptance speech had to be on-site translated into English. I served in the Navy way back during WW2 and the Korean War, and am almost positive he actually cursed me out personally for messing with his country.

Renee Zellweger won best actress for playing Judy Garland in “Judy”. I guess she deserved it for holding that painfully squeezy facial expression throughout the movie. Similarly, Joaquin Phoenix won for “Joker”, which also required a puckered face, plus heavy clown make-up.

The British World War I film, “1917”, won three tech Oscars, but not the expected Best Pic. I actually tried to watch the combat epic, but after enduring the first 30 minutes showing only two guys running along a trench, I gave up and fell asleep. My fave war movie of all time is “Paths of Glory”, starring the late, great Kirk Douglas.