After 54 Years Of Marriage, My Beloved Wife Is Gone

MWhiteRosLgIt has been several days since it happened, and just now I can begin to put my grief into words. The photo I took just a few days before her fatal stroke shows what a sweet, beautiful person she was. While I struggle through mourning, I’ll try to turn some of my sorrow into positive words.

First, of course, we all must face the inevitable. From the creepiest old centenarian to the newborn infant, we all will die eventually. Therefore, the cliché applies. Live your life as if every day will be your last, because one day it will happen. To postpone the end for as long as possible, obey the laws, both legal and natural. Love and respect people, especially your family and friends.

Practice good health with sensible eating, daily physical exercise and positive mental stimulation. Avoid danger whenever possible, although most of us ignore it at some times in our lives with questionable choices. They include smoking, drinking, fast driving and other attractive, but too often, deadly actions. Be happy with your life, and I’ll do my best to find comfort again in honor and fond memory of my beloved wife.

For Long, Happy Life? Feel Younger By Acting Younger

ThelmetThose guys in white coats and expensive bills for looking at your ancient body advise their aging patients to live life as if they could shed decades. My strategy is to enjoy funny current TV, as well as old movies featuring the Marx Brothers, Three Stooges and Mel Brooks. I also enjoy jokes, along with daily posting of cartoons, photos, rants and raves on this website. Some may call my actions a second childhood, and I happily agree.

I also try to participate in daily healthful activities. They include hiking, swimming, jogging, photoing, joking, and just clowning around. If you’re feeling the unwelcome pressures of old age, get up, get out and fight back. Often I get so involved in acting younger, I feel a vigorously youthful 83, instead of my actual age of 94.

Inflation, Politics & Other Worries Speed Up Hair Greying

OrangHairAccording to the British Guardian news reports and hairy scientists, living in these stressful times brings on going grey more quickly. The never-ending problems of our times are turning minds and hair color into frazzles.

Of course, the solution for fighting the epidemic is to be creative and color your hair any hue you choose. While it isn’t necessary to die for your hair, it may help to dye for a more fashionable you.

Will Something Similar Happen Again In 2020 Elections?

TrumpGenlAccording to political experts of the time, President Harry Truman had no chance at all of beating Tom Dewey in 1948. However, when all the ballots were counted, he’d happily won a second term.

Is it possible today’s unimpeachable national anti-Trump thumpers will make the same mistake? Dewey believe they’re wrong about the Donald TRiUMPhantly winning the White House again in November?

Oprah For President? If Ron Did It, Why The Hell Not?

OprahLgA showbiz star in the White House? Movie actor Ronald Reagan served two terms as Commander in Chief. Although he was senile in his last year, he was even then still more qualified than the current bunch of brain-challenged Democrats trying to be the 2020 candidate. And, of course, the current brain-challenged occupant.

When Oprah Winfrey was asked about running recently, she said, “I went into prayer and asked God, “If you think I’m supposed to run, you gotta tell me, and it has to be so clear that not even I can miss it. And I haven’t gotten that yet.” When she hears her Heavenly blessing, and Oprah decides to run, she could win the White House. Most happy Democrats and just maybe a significant number of unhappy Republicans would vote for her in the November election.

Walk 10,000 Steps A Day To Top Physical & Mental Shape

StrolrTrukRecent medical studies claim that walking helps hold off many of the physical problems of old age, including dropping extra weight from overeating. Family doctors always warn elderly lazybones to get up, get out and get moving to improve health.

Along with moderate diet that burns 300 calories per day, walking those steps, which add up to a total of four miles, is essential. Of course, jogging some of the steps or other vigorous exercise along the way will help produce more healthy weight loss. Vigorous walking can also add to mental health, because the distraction can avoid pondering old age problems that bring on depression.

Are Customers Aware Of Never-Ending 99¢ Rip-Offs?

PigmaskIt’s a deceptive business practice that keeps showing up from gas station pumps to tv ads to store windows. Obviously, merchants and other money-grabbing biz brains continue to use the same old phony tactics to lure people into buying their stuff at non-existing bargain prices.

Worst, of course, are the gas station signs that offer their already way-overpriced polluting liquid for a silly listed $3.99.99 a gallon. Wow, what a bargain of not charging an inflated entire $4 a gallon for the smelly stuff! And consider a TV cable service with the name that rhymes with rectum that offers monthly prices from $44.99, $69.99 and $89.99.

And, of course, visit your friendly neighborhood grocery story that sells fantastic penny-saving, pig-butt busting bargains you just can’t resist.