California Shut Downs To Ease The Coronavirus Impact

cornbfsdwchThe governor issued an order that encourages people to stay safe at home. Many non-essential retail businesses are to be closed. Still allowed open and functioning include dine-in restaurants, bars and nightclubs, entertainment venues, gyms and fitness studios, public events and convention centers.

Additionally, essential services still available include gas stations, pharmacies, grocery stores, farmers markets, food banks, convenience stores, take-out and delivery restaurants, banks, laundromats/laundry services. Also, essential state and local government functions, including law enforcement and offices that provide public services are open. This is now in effect throughout California and in many other states.

Q: How Can I Avoid Going Nuts Because Of Coronavirus?

RunBeerEvery day the news gets more frightening, and as a resident of a senior community, I fear everything is falling apart. I’m worried about my extended family, pension, finances and heath. What do you advise? TRMcD, Newark NJ

A: Since you can’t do anything about the international insanity, keep mind and body working. Even if it’s just squats in your bedroom, or shaking your body parts like you’re warming up for basketball practice. Exercise will help get the worries out of your system and ease the panic.

Anything that will give you physical and emotional boosts can help. Talk to family members on your smartphone. Cook yourself something nice, have a hot bath, or listen to songs you enjoy. Old movies and  TV shows may help. Remember that your anxious state isn’t permanent. And some day soon, we hope, the virus will go away.

Five Things To Do When Virus Confines You At Home

British (Scottish) School; An Old Couple DrinkingNow that you’re stuck in the house, try some new activities to help pass the boring hours of forced isolation.

1. Go online to find classic movies and books you can enjoy again. How about “Singin’ In The Rain”, “Citizen Kane”, “The Best Years Of Our Lives’, “Stagecoach”, “The Producers”, “The Wizard Of Oz” and/or other favorites from long, long ago.

2. Learn a new language. Now you’ll have plenty of time to practice reading and speaking like a native. How about getting into Spanish, Italian or more complicated Chinese.

3. Renew old friendships and contact with distant relatives. Go online and phone to recontact school, service and college buddies. Exchange photos, videos, Trump opinions and family updates.

4. Be a creative author! Write articles about subjects of interest to you. Submit them to websites that accept and/or pay for them. Get really ambitious and write that book you’ve always wanted to use to expand your creative talents. For example, write about the time you spent in uniform during that war nobody wanted and everyone has since forgotten.

5. Enhance a physical skill. Get back on at least a one-hour daily exercise workout. Also revisit a physically-challenging hobby, such as building miniature aircraft, boats, cars and other models. It’s crucial that you keep mind and body creatively active while being forced to stay at home.

Q: Is It OK For Seniors To Exercise Outdoors?

RunSrsI’ve stayed home while the news of coronavirus gets worse every day. I used to jog for an hour each morning, but now I’m frustrated as hell when I look out the window. I still see older people out running, biking and walking dogs in my neighborhood. What should I do? PLK, Princeton NJ

A: According to most medical reports, it’s OK to resume your routine. Just be sure to maintain distance from other people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend a distance of about 6 feet and no touching. In some communities where people are asked to stay home and shelter in place, it’s still OK to go for a run, hike or do other outdoor activities. Also avoid social gatherings involving more than 10 people, as well as all nonessential travel, shopping trips and social visits.

Coronavirus Is Serious Threat To The Homeless

HmlsHugo1If you’re planning a journey to a large city, first consider the personal dangers. One immediate concern is the spreading coronavirus disease. Exposed in many large cities are thousands of homeless people, living in cars, tents and on the sidewalks. Every day, newly-arrived poor bring with them new infections, ongoing illnesses and other contagious conditions.

For your own health concerns, don’t give them money nor otherwise physically touch them. Most effectively, if you want to help, make contributions to the Red Cross, Salvation Army or other legitimate organizations that offer daily aid to city street people.

Cleanest hands: Alcohol Vs. Good Old-Fashioned Soap

Kid washing hands with mother

Alcohol-based cleaner several times daily is effective during this coronavirus insanity. Of course, grabbing some from the limited supplies now at your local drugstore may involve fighting other shoppers in a death struggle surrounded by rolls of toilet paper.

Altho some medical experts may disagree, plain old bar and liquid soap can be just as effective, or better because you only need a fairly small amount of soapy water rubbed thoroughly over both hands. Using an alcohol gel may not reach all the skin on your hands effectively enough. However, if soap isn’t immediately available, it helps to use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

California Coronavirus Closings Typical Of Many States

The government shuttered all 5,000 bars and restaurants, affecting nearly $3 billion in business in the state. Some eateries and stores stay open, but only for small groups and to provide take-out business.

Seniors and others with chronic illnesses and weakened health conditions are urged to stay home. They will be provided with meals, medication and other needs by delivery. Younger relatives and friends should limit visits to seniors, including those in hospitals and senior residences. Wherever you are in the U.S., try to confine your contact with grandpa to smartphone and/ or internet.

Springtime Flock Silhouettes Against Los Angeles Sky

BirdsLg.jpgWatching them fly by, I quickly pointed my camera up at the interesting scene. Framed by city power lines, a flock of ravens seeks peaceful feeding grounds above the big city. Think of the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock movie, “The Birds.”

Does it also remind you of the more comic scenes and narration from the 1968 Mel Brooks movie, “The Producers? “He’s up on the roof with his boids. He keeps boids. Dirty… disgusting… filthy… lice-ridden boids!”

Elderly Are Most Vulnerable To Coronavirus Infection

WheelchrAccording to latest reports on the coronavirus situation, people over 60 are the most likely to be infected with the spreading disease. For those of us in our later years, it’s critical that we take all the necessary precautions to avoid being hit by it. If you are a seasoned citizen, follow some simple, but potentially vital, rules.

Until the emergency ends, stay away from close-packed crowds. This includes your local supermarkets and restaurants during busy hours, airport lounges, commuter buses, city subways, theaters, crowded sports events and other locations where you’re very close to people.

Wash your hands with strong soap or stronger cleanser before and after meals. Also wash thoroughly after using the bathroom and after touching door handles, railings, tools and other dirty surfaces.

If you haven’t washed your hands for an hour or more, don’t touch your face nor bare skin of others. This is especially critical for vulnerable elderly and children.