Clever Coronavirus Cyber Crooks Use E-Mail To Rob You

SrCartnPitchManLgIn this time of confusion and health fears, be aware that your vulnerable computer may be hacked by criminals. They’re using confusion about the illness to hack into email, social media, and financial accounts.

Thieving hackers post emails promising to provide information about the coronavirus as a legitimate resource. If you respond, they request passwords and other confidential items. Some establish malware that could take over your computer. For protection, do not respond to unrequested online messages that ask for personal financial information.

You’ll Know Your Elderly Mind Is Slipping…..

Alz2Ll;g_edited-1Altho the warning is right there in front of him, the guy my wandering camera caught on the bench seems a bit too young to start worrying about senility. According to medical experts, typical symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease hit between age 70 and 75. They include confusion, loss of memory, slurred speech and uncontrolled bodily functions.

Anyone wonder about advanced age affecting the minds of current Presidential candidates? Bernie Sanders is the oldest at 79. The other elderly runners have included Liz Warren 70, Michael Bloomberg 77, Donald Trump 75 and Joe Biden 76.

So far, still running are Bernie, Joe and the Donald. When Ronald Reagan left the White House in 1989 he was 77 and already senile. What about today’s age- and brain-challenged candidates?

After Touching Dirty Stuff, You Gotta Wash Your Hands!

Kid washing hands with motherWarnings about coronavirus continue to escalate as the worldwide epidemic seems to get worse daily. Whether you plan to travel to a nearby restaurant or faraway Tibet, the basic rule still applies. Wash your hands throughly with soap before leaving home, and wherever you can stop in a bathroom along the way.

Is That Boy On The Bike Two-Faced?

BikeRunLgMy intent was to capture only the two boys racing together across the busy street. However, when I later examined the photo I noticed a third face appeared just behind the biker’s head. My camera’s telephoto lens had distorted the photo, but didn’t take anything away from the fun run.

Hard News: Men Using Viagra May Also Go Blind

OldNYrs.jpgRemember when you were told that if you do it too many times, you’ll go blind. “Sildenafil, also known as Viagra, helps aging men to perform nature’s basic sexual requirement. Recently, Turkey’s World Eye Hospital researchers report that some male patients who took the pill regularly now suffer from visual problems.

In addition to blurred vision, there was light sensitivity and color-vision disturbances, including “intensely blue colored vision with red/green color blindness” after taking too much Sildenafil. So, senior guys, heed the warning and choose good eyesight over good night height.

Bernie & Joe: How Old Is Too Old To Be President?

SabdersSo, Bloomberg and all of the other wanna-be Democrat candidates, including those much younger, have dropped out of the race. Now, Biden, 77, and Bernie, 78, will likely do battle with the Donald in November, as they advance in age. It’s time to consider the senior aging process. In January 2021, the three people most likely to be the next president—Biden, Sanders, and the incumbent, Donald Trump at 74—would each be the oldest president to ever be inaugurated.

The question for voters is: Do we want a president in his 80s to be leading us? Ronald Reagan left the White House at age 77, and had been mentally fading throughout his final year in office. For an answer, just ask any nursing home resident.

Billionaire Bloomberg Bails Out Of Election Race

HmlsSitLgWhat could he could have done with so much moolah? In just three months, Michael Bloomberg spent over $500 million of his own stash in a failed attempt to buy the Democratic nomination. Realizing he couldn’t make it, he then just quit, knowing that Bernie or Biden would be the Democratic nominee.

The former New York City mayor and hugely successful businessman still has $61 billion in his pocket. So, let’s contemplate how he could have spent half a billion of it more usefully. For example, with more than 80,000 homeless living on the streets of NYC, the money could have helped them get housing, food and training for jobs.

Men, Eat More Greens To Keep Power In Your Jeans!

Couple1930sA new study suggests that our society’s junk-food-filled diet is causing sperm counts in men to decrease dramatically. A JAMA Network Open medical study reports a “Western” diet of processed, foods, pizza and red meats was resulting in lower sperm quality.

It suggested a healthier diet with more greet vegetables and fruit was linked to more potent sperm. The study also says that semen quality has decreased substantially over the last dozen decades. Further results of more than 185 other studies showed that total sperm count has declined by 50 to 60 percent from 1973 to 2011 in Western countries.

Therefore, guys, if you’re still in your baby-producing state of health and mind, cut back on the fast foods and eat more slow spinach and salads.