Disney Tosses Fox Name After More Than A 100 Movie Years

FredGingerDanceMovie mogul William Fox first hit Hollywood way back in 1914, and founded 20th Century Fox. Many of us grew up watching the many outstanding actors and other talented people performing for Fox in movies, and on into the television business.

Who can forget such Fox classics as Doctor Dolittle, The Sound of Music, Star Wars and Night At The Museum? Disney recently bought the movie division of Fox, and renamed it 20th Century Studios. Should we resent the mouse house’s fox hunt? And did the mean old Disney execs dress up in red coats, mount their horses and tally ho on a lethal Fox hunt?

Today Is First Palendrome In More Than 900 Years

ReaganFootballHey, in addition to super rich jocks jumping around in the Super Bowl and a little critter looking for its shadow, today is a palindrome. The numbers read the same when read forwards and backwards: 02/02/2020, beginning at 02:02:20 a.m on 02/02/2020. The latest palindrome happened 909 years ago on 11/11/1111. The next will be on 12/12/2121, so don’t bother putting it on your to-do calendar.

Some math brains also declare it to be a palindrome of the year, day 33, with palindrome number of days left in the year, 333. Also, if you plan to travel from the closest airdrome on this palindrome date, the worldwide virus epidemic may force you to stay at home with the doldrums.

When Pigs Fly, Will There Be Animal Lovers’ Anger?

A Chinese theme park is getting lots of furious complaints after a pig was pushed repeatedly from a 220-foot-plus platform as a publicity stunt for the park. The Meixin Red Wine Town theme park in Chongqing dressed the pig in a cape and tied up its feet before the event.

While the flying pig yelped in terror each time, heartless visitors cheered. Several hours later, the flying piggy was converted into pork chops, sausage and hamhocks. Of course, thousands of other pigs meet the same final fate daily throughout the world, but many animal advocates still are not happy that pigs fly for the amusement of heartless people.

Killing Animals And Each Other Is Long Human Practice

GIOldLgWe keep reading daily news about and online exposure to what seems to be endless protests. Some of the fuss is about livestock, horses, birds and pigs that end up on the supper table. And in many parts of the world, people dine on cats and dogs.

With the growing threats about another war erupting, what about the long history of stupid official murders of humans? That’s endlessly when elderly leaders heroically send out their teen boys to kill each other. War is just as much a cruel slaughterhouse, or worse, as killing animals for food, skin and wall trophies. OK, now you can flash the peace sign and join the latest march for or against the never-ending human self-destruction of war.

Getting Scalped At A Remote Desert Indian Casino

BrooksIndianNow widower and in a senior facility (i.e. nursing home), this 94-year-old scribbler recently took a tour bus trip to a casino. Not your usual Las Vegas or Reno city facility where gambling is part of the culture. It was to one of the so-called Native American casinos.

We eager senior bus riders had to endure nearly two hours of uncomfy highway bumps each way to the lone desert-located gambling joint 80 miles from Los Angeles. When we arrived on a weekday, instead of a few gamblers, coyotes and cacti, we found the casino mobbed.

Though the place is modern and clean, we could hardly make our way around the people-jammed floors. Worse, line-ups to dining and buffet facilities were very long and slow to move. In addition to the many bus tour gambler visitors, hundreds of people from local towns obviously show up daily to enjoy the cheap buffet dining.

OK, no long lecture about wasting your hard-earned retirement and Social Security checks on the no-win casino machines and table games. If you do go, whether to Las Vegas or an Indian casino, the odds are heavily stacked against your winning. Surprise: They’re not charitable institutions.

However, if it’s fun, go and enjoy giving money to those hard-working casino employees and their ever-thankful Native American bosses. It’s much more satisfying than donating it to greedy crooked candidates using your money to replace a greedy president and other crooked politicians.

Scientists Claim These Brainy Foods Fight Alzheimer’s

GirlSellNow in my mid-90s, it’s natural for the mind to wander a bit more every day. My steps are less steady, my thinking cap awry and my fingers less accurate on the keyboard. So, what can those smart guys recommend to slow down the inevitable descent into senility.

Not a hell of a lot, except maybe eating and drinking more healthy stuff. For example, green leafy veggies, nuts, berries, beans, whole grain cereals and seafoods. Also poultry and eggs cooked with olive oil. And wine, of course, especially when your fading old mind is overwhelmed with latest news of politics, war, crime, major illnesses and stormy weather.