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Q: Hey, What’s Your Secret For Keeping Healthy?

You’re always boasting about your busy writing and physical activities while into age 90 plus. Can you offer any advice to we out-of-shape youngsters aged 75 or so who envy you? MJMcL, Ambler PA

A: Of course, tomorrow I may be fatally hit by a speeding electric scooter, but since you ask, I’ll boast again. It begins with luck. I was orphanage raised and then did Navy service in two wars. Tho my abilities are naturally age-diminished now, I still follow health routines I learned then.

Basically, it’s getting regular daily exercise, both physical and mental. Also eat and booze sensibly, and never puff those smoky, stinky cancer sticks. I take two daily, brisk one-hour hikes and splash a dozen swim laps.

I carry my camera everywhere, and constantly observe and click for interesting shots. I include the best on my daily online website posts. If there’s a secret, it’s to live every day as if it will be your last. And then do another and another.

Who’s The Sneaky Old Creep Pointing His Lens At Me?

At almost age 93, I’m out twice daily roaming Route 66 in West Hollywood, just a few miles before the famed highway ends at the Pacific Ocean beaches of Santa Monica. Shouldn’t I be spending retirement days inside a dreary nursing home hallway drooling into my chicken soup?

Instead, I believe the daily hikes and photo snaps for my website are necessary to maintain both physical and mental health. If you’re also in or approaching those sunset years, consider finding similar activities. They’ll keep an active lifestyle alive and enjoyable.