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Why Do Sneaky Sellers Push Those Silly 99¢ Ads?

We’re always being hit with them daily and weekly on TV, websites and newspaper pages. Do those advertising brains think stupid shoppers get all excited about bargain $9.99 a pound lamb chop? Gee, we’re thrilled because it would be so much more expensive at an outrageous $10.

Of course, the grocery ad pushers are mere amateurs compared to the creatively crooked auto industry, both in the ever-gouging gas prices and those ever-dishonest used car salesmen. For car payment plans, the ad prices always end with nines, such as $19,999 with easy payments of $99 per month. Gee, watta bargain!

And last and most crooked are your unfriendly neighborhood gas station peddlers. Their signs make thievery an art, with prices such as $4.99.9 a gallon, innocently implying that another one-tenth of a penny to $5 a gallon would be outright evil.