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Ticket Prices Plunge For Hillary And Bill Speaking Tour

It’s stupid enough that people pay hundreds of bucks a seat to attend sweaty, screamy so-called music concerts. And insanely high prices to watch grossly-overpaid jocks play schoolyard games for an hour or two. Today, it’s actually even more idiotic to pay big bucks to watch has-been politicians rant and read speeches for money.

According to the New York Post, tickets advertised from $60 to $500 are now offered at 50% or less to fill the seats with eager Clinton admirers. Some choice ones originally listed for as high as $1,785 have dropped as much as 80%. How about a suggestion? If Hillary stripped while Bill sang and strummed the guitar, maybe it could attract more stupid ticket buyers. Or perhaps if Monica Lewinsky…..

Springsteen Broadway Tix $6,000 And Up

Bruce is scheduled to perform at the Walter Kerr Theatre in October, and sales are so hot, seat prices continue to skyrocket. The question for we ordinary people is: who the hell can afford such grossly inflated tickets to watch The Boss strum and shout for two hours?

OK, let me list them. Pro sports jocks with multi-million-buck contracts. Rock’n’rap stars who squawk out angry curses for quadrillions of greenbacks. Wealthy drug dealers who supply the sports jocks and rock stars.

Rich Wall Street crooks who steal from stupid investors. Failed politicians who go on lucrative lecture tours. Oil company execs who love hurricanes so they can boost their greasy overpriced product even higher.