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More Molesting TV Chiefs & Movie Moguls Lose Jobs

The big shot at CBS, TV producers, Hollywood moguls, actors, politicians, news anchors, cardinal sinners and more. The shocking news reports of accusations against horny men never seem to stop. Do you believe it’s a contemporary scandal, or could it have happened way back in history? F’rinstance, the top ten from the woman’s angle:

Eve: Unhand me, Adam, or I’ll sic the serpent on you!
Cleo: Tony, watch those roamin’ Roman hands!
Delilah: Hey, Sam, I get paid to dance, not fool with musclebound guys!
Josephine: Napoleon, take your hand off me and put it back in your vest!
Guinevere: First, tell me why they call you Lancelot.
Juliet: Stop romeoing around on my balcony!
Pocahontas: Why do all the white guys tell me their name is John Smith?
Martha: Georgie, I also cannot tell a lie about my cherry.
Hillary: Bill, that’s not why it’s called the Oval Office!
Stormy: Donald, the big red tie and orange hairpiece keep getting in the way!