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Why Am I Not Drooling & Diapered In A Nursing Home?

Many people at my age (93.5) have been caged in one of those infamous and grossly-overpriced senior human zoos for a decade or more. Or, if they were addicted smokers and/or boozers, they’ve been dead for at least the past 20 years. However, I’m still out wandering daily for at least two hours, hiking and snapping sneaky photos.

Then, squinting and pounding the computer keys, I spend several more hours creating three or more articles and posting them on internet sites, including travel4seniors.com and 90isthenewblack.com Is there a secret to why my years have lasted this long? Of course, as with all forms of life, mine will end soon enough. However, if anyone wants to know how I’ve survived into my 90s, here are a few opinionated hints and boasts.

The first requirement is to have parents and family members who live long lives. My grandparents did it into their 90s. My mother made it to 89, my brother to 96 and my sister to 97. Unfortunately, my father died at age 36 of a kidney disease that today could have been cured with current antibiotics.

There are other familiar ways to live into old age. Addicted smokers, legal or otherwise, rarely make it beyond their 70s. About the same for heavy boozers. Daily exercise of mind and body has helped me stick around this long. And, maybe most important of all, you just need plain old good luck.