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NASA: Earthlike Planets Populated By Humanoids?

USA Today reports that Kepler spacecraft discovered ten previously unknown worlds way out in space. Each includes atmospheres and a nearby sun similar to our globe. The coincidence sparks ideas that at least one of the planets could have life forms eerily similar to those on our Earth.

Considering the possibilities of a twin to Earth; let’s call it Smearth, could include:

Imperial Leader Thumph displays forelock of loose green hair.
The Karsmashians are the planet’s most modestly traditional family.
Vladsmear RasPutin is the evil leader of Rooshnia
Video babe Meddlin Kelery is the planet’s top TV reporter
Junk Aw Gee is the fearless leader of Nerdish Korseeya, and a personal pal of Densest Rodmoon.
Mernie Badoff absconded to another planet with a quodrillion Smearthian buckniks.
Kween Elzebubba XXXVII of Grate Brittle is 367 years old and pregnant.
Retired royalty Barracks and McShell Obama, and Billyram and Hilarity Klington just signed a multi-billion buknik contract to give speeches on neighboring planets.